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A Ghanaian citizen (as defined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana Chapter 3 Section 6)
•  By birth (where either parent or grand parent is a Ghanaian citizen)
•  By marriage
•  By naturalization
•  As proof of citizenship, provide any of the following:
•  Birth Certificate (original and a photocopy)
•  Your old Passport (if any)
•  Certificate of naturalization
•  Baptismal certificate
•  Statuary declaration made in a High Court by one of applicant's parents.
•  Affidavit by Head of Family in respect of applicant regarding citizenship.
•  Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs on plain background (without hat or sunglasses, one to be endorsed by witness or guarantor). For the avoidance of doubt, please state. “This is a true image or likeness of applicant.”
•  State name of applicant.
•  Two (2) guarantors who are relatives living in Ghana .
•  A witness e.g.:
•  A Clergyman
•  A Commissioned officer of the Armed Forces (captain and above), Prison Service or the Ghana Police (superintendent and above)
•  A senior Civil or Public Servant (Principal Executive Officer and above)
•  Head of a recognised Educational Institution/ Corporate organization
•  Recognised professionals registered with their respective regulating bodies.(e.g. Surveyors, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers etc)
•  Application for a Republic of Ghana Passport Form.
Medical report required to support application for passport for medical cases (treatment outside).
Buy the “Application for a Republic of Ghana Passport Form ” from a Post Office in your area. Currently the cost of the application form is ¢5,000.00 or 50Gp. (This is however subject to change as and when necessary).
Completion in full, terms 1-10 and 12 as in application form. The following explanations would help you:
Item 1
•  “SURNAME” This means your family name E.g. SARPONG
ie. Your PERSONAL names
Item 2
Name known before marriage / change of family name.
Item 3
“PROFESSION” Your occupation
eg. Teacher, doctor, public/civil servant etc.
(Not your title eg. Alhaji, Reverend etc.)
Item 8
“SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER” – Do not fill in, if you so not have
Item 9
Complete if you have ever attended a school.
Item 11
Ensure that your guarantor completes item 11a & b
Item 13
Legal guardian /parents to complete this section for applicants less than 18 years.
Item 14
Person filling in this item must complete in full and sign accordingly.
Item 15
This must be completed in full by witness.
Item 16
Affix your passport-sized photograph on the space provided.
Next to the picture, in the space provided, affix your right thumb print.
•  Submit completed application form and all attachments in person to the nearest Immigration office in your locality.
•  The Immigration officer-in-charge shall examine, in your presence, that your application form has been dully completed. Insist on this.
•  Pay the processing fee of ¢100,000.00 or GH¢10.00 for fresh passports and ¢500,000  or GH¢50 .00 for replacement of lost passports and demand a receipt.
•  The date of collection of passport shall be written on your payment receipt.
•  Between the immigration office and the passport office your application will be processed for issue.
•  The Passport Office shall inform you in writing if there are any queries with your application.
•  The Passport shall be ready for collection within 30 (thirty) days on submission of the application.
•  Collect your Passport in person from the District or Regional Immigration Office in your region.
•  Sign the relevant portion of the passport in the presence of the immigration officer during collection.
•  The Passport Office in Accra is not a collection centre. Please note.
Erasure and whiting on application form are not allowed. Your application would be rejected
Exercise extreme caution in filling the forms as mistakes cannot be corrected once the passport has been issued.
•  Used-up Pages and Damaged Passports: If you have used up your pages get anew passport. Attach the old passport to it. In case of a damaged passport with valid visa, apply for a new passport and thence to the Embassy concerned for a replacement visa.
•  Change of Name/Status of a holder of a passport an only be effected in the Passport Office by the director of Passports. Do no temper with your passport or insert the names of your children yourself.
•  Diplomatic and Service Passport. (Official Passport).
•  Ecowas Travel Certificate.
•  Collective Travel Certificate.
•  Travel Documents for Refugees.
•  Hajj Travel Certificate.
•  Travel Documents to Stateless persons.
•  Replacement of lost Passport.
•  Change of Name/Status in Passport.
•  Travel Documents for Medical cases/Minor and infants.

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